Making of: Same Heartbeats #12

I’m currently working on the 12th issue of Same Heartbeats and I think I’ll manage to finish it next month, which is perfect because I’ll have done at least something for ZineWriMo this year (ZineWriMo or Zine Writing Month is a creative challenge taking place in November with the aim to make (a) zine(s) or work on (a) zine(s). I hope to make or work on some other zines too during that month and maybe do some experimental drawing or print-making too).

For Same Heartbeats #12, I’m writing about archives, gender (expression), feminist & diy events, and much more… There will be comics, collages, interviews…

Here are some photos of the work in progress:



I’ve also already chosen the yarn to bind this issue, it’s shiny dark-blue-with-gold, perfect for the numer 12 (both for my synesthesia and for the midnight-dark-sky-with-golden-stars impression).

OK, now I’ll get back to work…

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