Brussels DIY tourist zine – ideas welcome!

You may know I like maps and making lists of interesting places on those maps. I often include maps inside my zines too. So I had an idea to make a DIY tourist zine for Brussels. I was inspired by a similar zine about Berlin I read a few years ago, by a Berlin mini-zine and a London vegan restaurants zine I read more recently and also by all the cool places I keep stumbling upon in Brussels. So I think Brussels really needs its own DIY tourist zine!

There already is a cool map for young travellers by Use-It, but for my zine I want a more DIY and activist-feminist focus. Think anarchist bookshops, community cafés, squats that have events, locations where you can find zines, volxkeukens/cheap vegan food places, feminist libraries, queer spaces, fat-postive picnic parks, alternative concert venues or theatres, places that offer free or affordable art/craft/printing workshops, and other DIY/activist projects that I can put on a map.

Do you know places I should absolutely mention? I already have quite a list, with great help from friends, but it’s possible something is still missing. (Some places I already have, include Le Space, RoSa, café Boom, Le Bunker, Poisson Sans Bicyclette, Barlok, 123, Judgy Vegan…). Let me know if you have any ideas!

Mail to: or mention your ideas in the comments.

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