Same Heartbeats #12 banner

Had some fun on my day off 🙂


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5 Responses to Same Heartbeats #12 banner

  1. Nyx says:

    This looks fantastic. 🙂 I need an A5 or A6 flier for Echo Publishing to include in Paper Currency 2. 😀

    • Nyx says:

      Only if you want, of course!

      • rebelsister says:

        That’d be great! Thanks for asking! What is the deadline? I can make something new if you like.

      • Nyx says:

        I don’t have a firm deadline as of yet, but I am shooting for February. ☺ It is whatever you want it to be – my only requirement is the size. Have I sent you Paper Currency 1 yet? There are examples in there.

      • rebelsister says:

        Yes, I got Paper Currency 1 and I love it! And I also very much enjoyed reading Missives from Murray Bridge! The zine-newsletter format is so cool!

        February works for me. And A5 or A6 too. It will probably be A6 if that’s ok.

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