ZineWriMo: roundup

November was ZineWriMo = Zine Writing Month!

It was nice experience to participate for the first time in ZineWriMo although I don’t think I did that much. But I’m still happy it pushed me to finish #12 of my zine Same Heartbeats and it was fun to be inspired by what other zinesters were doing (esp. Nyx of Sea Green Zines).

Some things I accomplished/finished:

Some things I started:

  • I tried a new zine genre: I started making a tourist zine about Brussels, if tourist zines are a genre at all! I didn’t get far yet though. I’ll probably finish it some time early next year.
  • I started working on a mini-zine about self-care, and hope to make one about things that inspire me one day too. Here are some photos of the self-care mini-zine in progress ->

Some activities I want to do at a later time:

  • I’d like to make a “zine travel kit” like the one Sea Green Zines has.
  • Create a “make a zine” kit with mini-zines that explain how you can make zines, templates, buttons, materials, stickers…
  • Make another fanzine (already made one about the Spice Girls & riot grrrl). Don’t know about what yet though.
  • Design lots of lino stamps because you can never have enough lino stamps.

Some favourites I hadn’t mentioned yet (from Sea Green Zines’ to do list):

  • Favourite snacks: chips, salted peanuts and other savoury snacks!
  • Some of my favourite tools are: my stamps (letters, images, symbols, and self-made lino stamps), trusty paper cutter, kitchen scale…

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2 Responses to ZineWriMo: roundup

  1. Nyx says:

    Oh, kitchen scale is a good one! With postage like it is. Hrmph. I think it sounds like you did heaps! A presentation is huge, and a finished zine is always something to celebrate. 🙂

    • rebelsister says:

      Yes, it comes in so handy! I used to know the weight of my zines by heart but it was never exact so this kitchen scale is much more precise. 🙂 Yes, maybe that’s true, the presentation was quite a big thing, quite a lot of work, and it was nice I got to finish a zine too. 🙂

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