Comic about abortion rights in Mine Anthology

The MINE Anthology is a book full of engaging, creative and colourful cartoons, comics, and illustrations from various international artists, published to support the Repeal the 8th campaign by Irish feminist organisations. The project demands to repeal the 8th, provide true reproductive freedom and install legal and accessible abortion services in Ireland.

Our bodies are OURS!
My body is MINE!
So I get to decide what happens to it!
MY body MY choice!
Bodily autonomy now!

This amazing book was published a little while ago and you can still buy it here. There are also some cute bags for sale. Check it out and support MINE!

I happily participated in this project by contributing a comic for the publication. Here you can see the comic I made, depicting a short herstory of abortion rights in Belgium (it was only semi-legalised – legal under some conditions – here in 1990!):

Please support MINE and reproductive freedom for all!


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