Article about feminist zines as activism in DiGeSt journal

Some cool news: My second research article was published a little while ago in the new issue of the journal for gender studies and diversity DiGeSt (published by the Leuven University Press). The article focuses on the ways zines can benefit feminist activists resisting body norms, often in unexpected or less traditionally-activist ways. My first research paper (for Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies) set some definitions of feminist perzines and delved into what makes them what they are. This second article highlights the importance of these “unruly booklets” for feminist activists who are fighting body norms.

Mail me if you’re interested in reading the article.

I’m very happy and proud that my articles were published in these scientific journals and it was a sometimes hard but ultimately great experience: helpful peer reviewers, patient editors who were willing to give my articles a chance despite not being an academic myself, amazing interviewees with super interesting and important stuff to say, learning to craft/build/edit my articles in the structure required for journals, reading other relevant (and less relevant but still very interesting) research, and hoping to convince readers who’ve never heard of zines of their amazing potential. I want to keep writing and researching about this stuff (zines, feminism, activism) but right now I’d like to focus again on writing for DIY and more accessible publications. The journals I wrote for are probably some of the more accessible (to write for) and are interested in gender stuff but all academic publications have the disadvantage of not reaching a lot of people* because of their excessive cost (unless you’re a student who can find them at their university library or database). That said, do contact me if you want to read my articles.

*It’s funny how people sometimes criticise zines for their limited reach (something which I wrote about in my article too) but I think that my zines will probably find more readers than my articles will…

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