Zines I read in 2017 (part IV: October – December)

Here are the final zines I read in the last three months of 2017. Still quite a lot but less than the rest of the year because I finally read some books too that invaded my reading time. 🙂 So let’s get on with it, I have plenty of treasures for you to discover:

A pamphlet that compiles older and newer texts about anarcha-feminism. Translations into Dutch of Peggy Kornegger classic “Anarchisme: de feministische connectie” and blog posts about anarcha-feminism and “enkele dingen die we nodig hebben voor een revolutie” by yours truly written for De Tweede Sekse Blog a few years ago. Published by AGA, in Dutch. All texts can be found on De Tweede Sekse blog too.

Nurses Have Stories
A collection of stories by Gosen of Two Responsible Adults about his experience working as a nurse, published by their Seven of Diamonds Press. Even if it must be a tough job, he manages to add a lot of humour to the stories!

Dream Nails DIY
Risograph-printed zine by the feminist punk band Dream Nails, with DIY recipes for all kinds of things such as fixing bikes, starting a band, making peanut butter, trimming a fringe, etc. If you buy the zine, you get a code for digital downloads of their songs too.

Artificial Womb #21
Newest issue of AW all about music: personal stories, a comic and even music sheets!

Artifical Womb #20
Poetry, prose and a comic about recovery, bad break-up, mental health… The power of perzines lies in writing and sharing hard personal stories and Artifical Womb is good example of this. Read with care.

Hedgehog in the Fog #10
This issue is an ABC-themed perzine, meaning a word and subsequent short essay/explanation is attached to each letter of the Roman alphabet. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this zine before, I love it! Some of my favourite letters/words include: Anxiety (with tips like hiding in the toilet, breathing deeply, listmaking…), Boatlife, Enthusiasm, Gender identity (demi-girl and tomboy are such nice terms!), Inspiration (Julie Doucet!, The Raincoats!, Cindy Crabb!), Journals, Knitting, NaNoWriMo, Penpals, Quitting, Vocations… (See how I almost mentioned every letter!?).

La SĂ©rigraphie
Maybe this isn’t meant to be a zine that can be purchased but I got a copy and liked it a lot. It’s a little manual that accompanied a silkscreening workshop by one of my favourite comic artists, Mawy! Written in French.

Flourish #2
Beautiful perzine about gender, passing, fragrance, with plenty of comics, drawings and even songs (with chords and tabs!)! I would love to discover more issues of this zine.

A Blaze of Candles on my cake
I can recommend all of Jacq Applebee’s zines and this one as well: it’s about “growing old when you’re bisexual, black and disabled” and includes pieces on menopause, resources, poems, positive images of older people of colour, and a story I enjoyed reading a lot.

A Paw-culiar Cuteness
All about cats and dogs! Various contributions of photos and drawings with little stories of the pictured pets and what they mean to the authors. Very cute indeed!

Someone Stranger #5
This perzine/storyzine is subtitled the Silent Pen issue and came in a parcel full of little presents like an amazing self-made magnet and a button of the Toronto Zine Library (and the Paw-culiar Cuteness zine). Yay, thanks for this awesome parcel, Zippity Zinedra!

Cruel Queer Weekend #1
Igor’s newest zine series, very colourful and very queer but luckily not that cruel! I could relate to Igor’s thoughts about being tired when doing too much but also not wanting to miss out on fun stuff. The zine also includes a fun list of non-oppressive insults! Comes with hand-letter-stamped cover.

Cruel Queer Weekend #2
Second issue continues on the rightfully-pissed-off-at-queer/transphobes path which we can only encourage. The zine talks about family, gender, flaws within queer communities, and a list of cool events in Brussels.

Telegram #38 / Critical Breakfast #1
I always like splitzines, because I like the idea of 2 zinesters working together, each making half of a zine. This one is made by twin siblings. Maranda has already made lots of issues of their perzine Telegram (previously named Telegram Ma’am) and their sister Amber delved into a new zine adventure (though she’s not new to zines either). They each talk about spirituality/astrology, changes in their lives. recovery… I hope they’ll collaborate more in the future because it works really well.

I like scars
Beautiful minizine about scars.

It’s been like 5 months
Minizine by fokzaret about trying to get over a breakup.

I’m not having fun
Minizine about not enjoying going to parties or finding it hard to really have fun (which is totally ok! – parties can be so overrated sometimes). These 3 mini-zines didn’t mention contact info but I can get you in touch with the author if you’re interested.

Little Reminders #1: You’re allowed to be angry
Lovely little mini-zine that could serve as an excellent self-care tool. Made by Nyx of Sea Green Zines.

Don’t Call Me Cupcake #6
I’ve been enjoying the journey of the perzine series of Nyx (Sea Green Zines) a lot (see previous review posts). Reading a series of perzines is like slowly getting to know the author in its pages, their thoughts, experiences and ideas. If Nyx wasn’t living so far away from where I am, I’d love to hang out! In this issue Nyx talks about being a writer and knowing there is an audience waiting for your next publication, mental health and self-harm, the scary story of her husband falling ill, and more.

Don’t Call Me Cupcake #7
#7 is about Nyx’s cat being operated, an amazing first draft (or more like teaser) for Nyx’s upcoming novel (I’m so curious to read how it will continue!), thoughts on self-love, and more.

Small Town Organizing for Anarchists
Little pamphlet-zine with advice for starting anarchist projects when you live in a small town (because everyone always focuses on the big cities and it seems difficult to get anything started or done anywhere else). Lots of helpful and encouraging ideas for any activist, not just self-identified anarchists. By the Sprout Anarchist Collective and reprinted by Paper Jam Collective from Amsterdam.

Madness: Get better or die trying
Laura writes about mental health, things that helped her to feel better and others that didn’t, film reviews, asylums in Dr Who, horrible things therapists say (really wow, how did they ever get to be professional therapists?!), and more. This zine is both educational and very personal, with lots of little drawings and nicely machine-sewn.

Ima Badass
Ima Badass is a zine about pregnancy and motherhood by Hadass, a cool metal mom known for her perzine Purple Myrtle Squeegy. She writes about how the pregnancy and her daughter changed her and what impact they had on her. I’m sure it will be recognisable for a lot of moms. Cute cover with the baby’s fingers making the satanic metal sign: \m/ !

Courage and a brick
This zine made me yearn for the mid 2000s when I was more involved in squatter and hc scenes, reading Maximumrocknroll, eating at vegan vokĂĽs (when vegan food wasn’t synonymous with hipster diets yet)… It’s about straight edge, veganism, hardcore bands and festivals in Norway, reclaiming your life, refusing to live according to mainstream adult rules, fun drug-free things to do… More angry and dedicated zines like this please!

Fat Positivity Belgium Zine #1
Oh how happy was I when this zine appeared on the zine horizon! Another amazing publication in the local feminist zine scene, and a much-needed one, as the bingo card with fatphobic comments (all heard by the FatPo collective & its crew) shows. This zine serves as an introduction on fat activism, with lots of information on fat and health, vocabulary, capitalism, sexuality… Articles mostly in English, some in French and bingo in Dutch. It even comes with supercool stickers!

Stoute Tong / Rude Tongue vol 1 #3
Third issue offers plenty of gender-queerious poetry, the popular “Misha papers” – a kind of funny facebook statuses on paper, an essay about softness versus kindness and a review of a performance by Sorour Darabi. Again with a beautiful cover and geeky library cataloguing info (which I love).

Waar zine de vrouwen?
A poetry zine by the women in Auw La, a student (slam) poetry group from Ghent. I love how the artwork interacts with the words. They even organised a special event to present their zine, along with slam poetry performances and readings. “Waar ZIJN de vrouwen” means “where are the women”. The zine is written in Dutch.

Missives from Murray Bridge #1
A nice surprise in my mailbox: this newsletter-perzine by Nyx of Sea Green Zines!

Missives from Murray Bridge #2
Second issue of Nyx’s updates and adventures.

We are magic
Minizine on the magical power of trans people

Girls Go Boom: Dirty Girls edition
Minizine for a Girls Go Boom event

Fanzine Ynfytyn #22
Fanzine Ynfytyn is a carefully and beautifully crafted zine, with nice collage artwork and cool cover-art, that has become a style of its own, with little personal stories and thoughts, fun to read and look at. This issue is about foxes, working in a maze, and various little things. If you’re looking for a perzine that is not too heavy content-wise, look no further.

Conjure: zines as ritual magick
Zines and witchcraft/magick? There are several zinesters making that link lately, most writing about witches and witchcraft in their zine pages. But Nyxia Grey takes it one step further and explains why she considers making zines as a kind of magick, namely the act of conjuring. Her zine is a beautiful creation in itself, full-colour printed with witchy collage-artwork.

Whip #2
Yay, a second issue of this wonderful full-colour zine with beautiful and engaging political cartoons made by women. The subjects range from #MeToo to abortion rights, with cartoons and comics in a great variety of styles.

Wiseblood #67
Fishspit addresses mental health in his zines and this issue is mainly about his experiences with electro-convulsive therapy or “shock treatment”. The zine reads as if he’s having a conversation with you, in a stream-of-consciousness writing style and with a lot of humor, which makes the zine accessible to read, despite the heavy content, but trigger warnings do apply.

Writing these reviews / listings took quite a lot of time in the past year, even if the descriptions are all quite short, so I might not continue in 2018. I just prefer to spend more time reading more zines… Maybe I’ll just take and post photos of the zines I’ve read or so, because somehow I still want to spread the word about all these amazing publications that I get my hands on.

In 2017 I didn’t have time to read all the zines I wanted to (as they are so many) and my to-read stack is still quite high, but I wanted to mention some zines that I think look pretty awesome and promising. Here are some zines I look forward to (continue) read in 2018: Soromances, Out Loud, Butcherie, Paper Currency… and many many others! ❤

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