2017 > 2018 (what I did last year and what I hope to do this year)

Happy New Year! Bye bye 2017, hello 2018!

I’m not really into New Years resolutions, mostly because they focus on unpleasant (mostly fatphobic) norms. But the beginning of a new year can also stimulate you to do more fun and creative stuff. So at the start of 2017 I gave myself some  creative and reading challenges. And it seems it worked to encourage myself!

These were my plans for 2017, written in italic, and in bold you can see what I actually did:

  • Make zines as usual: My plan is to publish Same Heartbeats #11 + another 24 hour zine + a mini-zine this year. CHECK: Finished Same Heartbeats #11 and a 24-hour-zine on music and nostalgia called From Spice Girls to Riot Grrrls AND I published Same Heartbeats #12 as well! A great zine year 🙂
  • Do research and write about zines: I’m working on a second article and I just love to study the medium of zines in all its facets. CHECK: My article got published in the journal DiGeSt. Woohoo! 🙂 More info here.
  • Make new crafty merch: Design new zine-themed buttons, new postcards like the one above, and maybe stickers. Some new bunnies might be born too this year. I didn’t make as much as I wanted to but I did create new postcards, and crafty cats and bunnies.
  • Draw more: Make more sketches and experiment with styles and materials, draw at least 2 self-portraits (because I think I forgot to make one in 2016), start working on a graphic novel, make more Chainsaw Bunny comics. Again, I could have done more, but I did draw several portraits and self-portraits (for an event at Le Space in Brussels), and made a few other sketches and illustrations.
  • Read more zines and books: I want to read at least 120 zines and a dozen books (including comic books / graphic novels) this year, inspired by this (thanks to Jessica Maybury for the tip!). I’m a slow, easily distracted reader but I also really want to read more and hope this will encourage me. Possibly some zine/book reviews might follow, here or on De Tweede Sekse blog. CHECK: 18 books + too many zines to count (certainly more than 120 – yes, i know, that’s a lot! 😮 ).*
  • Organise! Hang out with zine friends, create together, and use our creativity for positive radical change! I very much enjoyed the semi-regular informal zine-making creative coffees with friends in Le Space in Brussels + feminist activism with FEL + starting a new feminist band (more news about that soon!).

*You can find reviews of the books I read on my blog and on De Tweede Sekse blog: I posted reviews of the comic books I read here and here, and wrote about Map Art Lab, The Archival Turn in Feminism, The Handmaid’s Tale, Niemand zal hier slapen vannacht [I’ll finish my review soon!], and other books. I listed/reviewed zines in four parts because there were so many, check part one, two, three, and four.

For 2018, I’d like to:

  • read a lot of zines again (but I won’t set a number)
  • try to read at least 20 books
  • make/finish Same Heartbeats #13, a 24-hour-zine, a DIY tourst zine about Brussels, and a mini-zine on self-care
  • craft and create a lot: design several new postcards, sew clothes (I already made a pair of shorts!), sketch lots, design new buttons and stickers…
  • visit and participate in zine events, organise zine workshops
  • participate in lots of activism
  • play a first (or more) concert(s) with my new band and participate in open mic events with my other music project!

… and who knows what else will happen.

What are your plans?

[I enjoyed rereading these fun feminist new years resolutions on De Tweede Sekse Blog too, good for inspiration]


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2 Responses to 2017 > 2018 (what I did last year and what I hope to do this year)

  1. Nyx says:

    Well done! No doubt you’ll accomplish all your goals for this year as well. 🙂

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