24 hour zines at Girls Go Boom Clubhouse + new zine: Dirty Lesbian!

One and a half month ago (sorry for the delay in reporting on this), in a youth centre/basement/venue called PLEK in Ghent, while listening to a mix of Team Dresch and the Cardigans, a bunch of zinesters and curious creatives got together to try to make zines in 24 hours

The event was a collaboration between Girls Go BOOM and ECHO. As part of their month-long residence at PLEK, Girls Go BOOM offered space for a creative zine gathering during which participants could create their own zine. This resulted in the birth of several amazing zines (some finished later). It was a great occasion to see the medium of zines spread even more in the local punk-feminist scene.

The zine I made during the 24 Hour Zine Thing event is called Dirty Lesbian. It’s about lesbophobia (even within some feminist scenes), reclaiming lesbian-feminism, cool dyke heroines / musicians / comics / zines, like & hate lists, and more. It’s at the same time an angry and a silly zine.

Dirty Lesbian features Chainsaw Bunny on the cover, and consists of lots of collages, a comic, and hand-written text.


Dirty Lesbian is A6-size, 32 pages, lavender-coloured cover, recycled paper inside and lavender-coloured mini-poster.

It costs 1 euro + postage or (preferably) trade with similar zine. Mail me for a trade/order.

[I no longer sell this zine to cis men!]


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