Zines I read in 2018 (January – March)

Last year I wrote mini reviews of all the zines I read (a lot!) but the review-writing was taking time away from actually reading (and also making) zines… This year I still want to talk about all the amazing zines I am so lucky to get my hands on and devour, so I decided to take photos of the zine covers to show and promote them. Here you can see the ones I read in January, February and March 2018.

I recently reorganised my “unread” zines so I immeditately wanted to read all of them… It was like opening treasure boxes that I had half forgotten about. I should do this more often, browsing through these as yet unexplored little booklets! I also had the opportunity to buy and trade some wonderful zines to expand my collection, some of which during visits to London and Brighton. So lots of fresh and re-discovered materials to delve into… Take a look:

It’s hard to categorise zines as they usually belong to different genres and talk about various subjects at the same time. But I still tried to group them here to give an idea of the subjects and genres that I came across, and so there wouldn’t be too many photos…

There are a lot of perzines (zines focusing on autobiographical content) among the zines I read these past few months. Some of them are about travelling (wandering and exploring in Paris, Slovenia, cities in the UK, and other places) or moving house:

I also read personal zines about mental health and body issues:

And some more perzines, about class and education, gender identity, veganism, broken friendships, relationships, family, and much more:

Yes, these newsletters are also zines and very personal!

These are some LBGTQIA zines I liked a lot, going from bisexuality to aromantism, and trans poetry to queer punk:

Of course I read a bunch of cool feminist zines:

As a zine-fan, I very much enjoy reading zines ABOUT zines! These range from DIY guides on how to make zines, a metazine documenting the zine scene, a mini-zine about inspiring things, and a radical approach to making zines, finding your voice, using creativity, and getting your zine out there:

More zines about magic and witchcraft and also about tattoos and animals who have gone on missions into space!

I enjoy reading all kinds of DIY zines, and I mean DIY here as in guides about “how to make/do something yourself”, like making vegan treats, cleaning, and oldschool analog photography:

A great variety of comic zines (not sure if they all consider themselves as zines but I wanted to promote them and well, they have staples!):

Some illustration-focused zines with great artwork (some are very political too):

And with (a bit) less pictures and (a bit) more words, here are some zines filled with creative writing and stories:

Websites, online shops, facebook pages and blogs where you can find (some of) these zines:

Assigned Male / Sophie Labelle (The world needs more trans cutires, Dating Tips, Ultra Chicken Fun Time Super Special)
Bric a Brac (Veganise Your Life, Athemaura, Icarus All sorts, Waving at Llamas)
Fanzine Ynfytyn (+ Keep it Clean, Film Photography 101)
Feminist Library (A Feminist Space is…)
Igor’s zines (Trans Poetry, Cruel Queer Weekend)
Jacob V Joyce (QTIPOC Assemble)
Koudavbine (Coloriach)
Meeni Levi (Arospec 101)
Nyxia Grey (Overthrow the Status Quo)
Out Loud
Period Pains
Poor Lass
Portland Button Works (Brainscan)
QueerArcana (Decorium, Tenancy Disagreement, Scorpio Moon)
Sea Green Zines (Don’t Call Me Cupcake, Paper Currency, Things That Inspire Me, You’re Allowed to be Happy, You’re Allowed to be Sad, Missives from Murray Bridge)
Synchronise Witches distro (HEX, Notes Towards…)
Zine Things ((This) Body Matters, This is just an account of…, Bi Sex You What)

DOWNLOAD for Let’s make a zine

If you’re interested in the zines for which I haven’t mentioned a website, let me know. I might be able to get you in touch with the zinester.


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2 Responses to Zines I read in 2018 (January – March)

  1. Nyx says:

    So many zines! ❤ I feel the same way whenever I organise all my to be read zines.

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