News, workshops & events (late Spring – Summer 2018)

Hi there! I’ve got a LOT of zine workshops coming up in the next few months, plenty of zine plans, and other news. It must be the zine season?


  • Lately I’ve been working on two mini-zines at the same time. They talk about playing guitar and Chainsaw Bunny. I intend to finish them very soon. I’m also considering selling all my mini-zines as a set. (I got my inspiration and idea from the amazing Rachael House and her amazing mini-zines). Here you can see some photos of the “making of” these zines… –>
  • Sea Green Zines wrote a lovely review on their blog about my mini-zine Do it Yourself Care. ❤ Read it here.
  • Question: Would you be interested in tableing at, giving a workshop at or visiting a DIY zine fest in Ieper, in Belgium? Please let me know if you’d be up for this. A friend and I are looking into how much interest there would be if we organise such an event. She’s a volunteer at a super cool autonomous space in Ieper where it can take place.
  • I’m always up for trades with other zinesters! I’m especially interested in perzines, feminist zines, zines about self-care/mental health, zines about friendship & support, metazines, travelzines, zines about learning to do/make something, comic zines, zines about cats… Contact me if you want to trade!


Zine workshop for Mothers & Daughters:
Saturday June 9th: (time to be confirmed)
at Mothers and Daughters in Brussels

Zine workshop for La Barloca festival:
Saturday June 16th: 14:00-16:00
at Barlok in Brussels

Zine workshop for Fat Positivity Belgium:
Saturday July 14th: (time to be confirmed)
at Salle Lollepot in Brussels

Zine workshop + zine table at Ieperfest:
mid August (date to be confirmed)
at Ieperfest in Ieper

Zine workshop for RoSa:
September (date to be confirmed)
at the RoSa library in Brussels

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