Zine workshop at Mothers & Daughters on June 9th

Zine workshop at Mothers & Daughters:

Facebook event

**Register via bar@mothersanddaughters.be to secure your spot**

Zines are cheap self-made magazines or booklets that can be made by anyone and about anything. You don’t need any experience or education in journalism or graphic design. The medium of zines is frequently being used by lesbians, feminists and queers as it allows full editorial control and creative freedom, and swapping zines helps build a supportive community. Such zines can be very personal, talking about experiences with lesbophobia, mental illness or sexual violence, they can encourage activism and the distribution of political ideas, share tips and tricks for how to make or do things yourself (for example sewing reusable pads or practicing self-defense) or talk about favourite feminist artists, bands or films. The possibilities are endless!

Would you like to put your ideas into print? Come and participate in this workshop. You’ll be encouraged to use text (poetry, essays, interviews…), collage, drawings, and/or comics to create your very own zine. A photocopy machine is available so zines can be printed and swapped afterwards.

Materials will be provided (but you can always bring your favourite pen or special tools if you want).

Donation / prix libre / vrije bijdrage

Workshop by Nina / ECHO zines:
Nina has been making zines since 2001 and never stopped because she enjoys it so much! To spread the zine love she started giving zine workshops to get other people hooked too. Some of her recent zines include Dirty Lesbian, From Spice Girls to Riot Grrrls, and the zine series Same Heartbeats. She also started a facebook group called Feminist Zines Europe and documents the local and less local (feminist) zine scene on her blog.

Bar open for public from 4PM. Come early and check out the results of this workshop alongside a small collection of other queer zines!

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