Zine workshop at Mothers & Daughters: some photos

On Saturday June 9th, I did a zine workshop at Mothers & Daughters, the temporary lesbian bar in Brussels. It was a lot of fun and lots of people participated and stayed till the evening to finish up their zines. So nice to see all that creativity! That is why I do such workshops…


If you have the chance to visit Mothers and Daughters still this month, don’t hesitate and don’t miss it! It’s an awesome and unique place that was really needed, judging from the full programme and great and enthusiastic attendence.

Unfortunately it’s only a temporary space but who knows, someone might be inspired and get the idea to start up something new after June… Anyway, I would like to thank the awesome Mothers & Daughters team for inviting me to do my workshop there and supplying us with a lovely space, lots of materials, colourful paper and a copymachine!

Here are some photos of the workshop as well as resources that we discussed during the workshop.

Resources discussed in the workshop:

Some online zine archives:

Some zine distros:

Zine reviews

Other websites:

I made some mini-zines (in English, French, and Dutch) on how to make zines that you can download and print for free.


And finally, some photos of some of our finished zines and ephemera from the exhibition at Mothers & Daughters:

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