Plans for July: International Zine Month 2018

Hello there,

It’s almost July and that means it’s almost International Zine Month (IZM)! A whole month dedicated to zines and zine culture. Yes, IZM is a real thing! So it’s time to think about what I want to do during this month… Are you as excited as me about all of this?

I already have a bunch of plans and ideas for July 2018, probably too much for only one month, but we’ll see… In the past few years I made a diary comic (one page each day) called Scissors & Chainsaws, organised a 24 hour zine event, made another 24 hour zine, tried to do as many of the daily International Zine Month activities as possible… It has always been a lot of fun so I look forward to this year’s IZM too. What are your plans?

My plans & ideas for now:

  • make a zine or mini-zine: I’d like to finish Same Heartbeats #13 or least work on it a lot, maybe (start to) work on some other (mini)zines too.
  • do as many of the daily activities as possible –>
  • give a zine workshop for Fat Positivity Belgium on “Valenzines Day”, that’s July 14th
  • decorate envelopes with stamps and stickers and send out snail mail
  • trade zines
  • read as many zines as possible and maybe write something about them
  • (re)organise my zine collection
  • make new zine-related buttons/badges
  • maybe visit a zine library or zine event?

Find out all about International Zine Month on the website of Stolen Sharpie Revolution.

Check out the facebook page for July is International Zine Month.

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2 Responses to Plans for July: International Zine Month 2018

  1. Nyx says:

    I love what you’re doing for the 14th! I’m glad to see you’re joining in with things. ^_^

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