IZM day 1 – read Canadian zines

Yay, International Zine Month 2018 has begun! Welcomes to this entire month dedicated to zines and filling our days with zine-related activities! (Check out my plans here).

DAY 1 of IZM2018:

Stolen Sharpie Revolution’s International Zine Month poster (here on the left) says it’s CanaZine day today and encourages us to buy, read, and share Canadian zines. For this occasion, I’d like to recommend checking out the zine Telegram written by Maranda. I’m currently reading #37 and they are on #42 already. Really any issue of Telegram is wonderful, inspiring, and interesting but also sometimes tough to read and often comes with trigger warnings.

(Photo taken from their Etsy page)

Maranda writes about mental health and disability, and what recovery means for them. It’s not an easy path at all, things don’t go on a steady line upwards. They write about complex-trauma, walking and taking public transport with a cane, mixed feelings about reclaiming madness and mad pride, experiences with yoga, drugs, suicide… So read with care! In other issues, Maranda also writes about gender and pronouns, tarot and astrology, fighting cynicism and pessimism, dumpster diving… Each issue of Telegram is packed with words, in pocket-size format, and I also love the ziney cut & paste layouts with little hand-drawn borders and hearts, and some hand-written and typewriter parts.

Find Maranda’s zines as well as their books on their Etsy page. If you live in Europe, you can get their zines from Vampire Sushi distro as well to cut down on postage (this is how I bought them).

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2 Responses to IZM day 1 – read Canadian zines

  1. Nyx says:

    Wow! I’m looking forward to reading Telegram. I haven’t read any of them before, but with your synopsis, I’m even more eager.

    • rebelsister says:

      it’s definitely worth checking out. i’ve found every issue i’ve read so far really great.

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