IZM day 2 – reread your favourite zines

It’s International Zine Month day 2! Today is “Zine Re-Wind” day and we’re encouraged to (re)read some of our favourite zines.

What are your favourite zines? What did you read or do you plan to read today? Don’t hesitate to share your favourites or reading list in the comments!


This is a photo of the zine table of my friends and me at Zine Happening 2018 but I thought that the sepia colours would fit this nostalgic subject…

For this occasion I made a list of some of my favourite older zines (pre 2010) as an ABC. These are some of the very first zines I read and they heavily influenced me to start making zines too. They also helped me to shape my thoughts and ideas in an alterglobalist and pre-“social” media era. These zines are proof that zines never died, that feminists, people of colour, riot grrrls, women, trans people, queers, teenagers, activists, and other marginalised folks kept on self-publishing, and that the current so-called “revival” didn’t come out of nowhere and is merely a continuation (and expansion) of what was already there. Unfortunately most if not all of the zines mentioned here are no longer in print but you may be able to find some in zine libraries.

  • Angry Girrls + Adventures in Menstruating
  • Bunnies On Strike + Bloody Mary + Bikini Kill
  • Clit Rocket + Cutlass + CuntStunt + Colouring Outside the Lines
  • Doris
  • Eye-Scream
  • Fight Together
  • Girl Conspiracy + grrrl:REBEL + Girl Soldier
  • The Hand that Cradles the Rock + Hello Trouble + Hoopla + Hausfrau
  • Il Pleut des Gouines + I’m Not Waiting
  • Jane
  • LoveKills + La Choriza
  • Masculine Femininities + Morgenmuffel
  • De Nar + Not Sorry
  • OvaryAction
  • Personality Liberation Front
  • Queer Gazet + Quantify
  • The Rag + Riot Grrrl Europe + Race Revolt
  • Synthesis + ScumGrrrls
  • This is still not about your favourite band + TroubleX
  • Undo
  • Varla’s Passed Out Again + Venus
  • Wiedzma + Women’s Self-defence
  • You Rock My World

Of course there are many more but these sprung to mind right away. Have you read some of the zines I mentioned? What did you think of them? I’m also curious to know which zines (old & new) you’ve been reading!

Find out more about early 2000s zines:

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