IZM day 7 – Zine distro day

Today, July 7th is “Zine Distro Appreciation Day”! So it’s a perfect day to order zines from a zine distro to get yourself some reading materials for International Zine Month 2018.

Distros help distribute and sell zines and other DIY creations such as tapes, CDs, postcards… Often you can place an order online or sometimes you’ll see distros at punk shows or zine fairs.

I just ordered a bunch of zines from the online shop of Portland Buttons Works. Alex Wrekk who runs PBW also invented International Zine Month and made the logo and the poster that go with it. So it seemed appropriate! I rarely place orders at distros from other continents because the postage is so expensive but for this one time… 🙂 PBW has an excellent catalogue with plenty of zines, their own buttons/badges, and even a zine card game. Alex Wrekk also wrote and publishes the book Stolen Sharpie Revolution and she used to sing in the fantastic band The Copy Scams whose songs were all about zines!

Sea Green Zines, Stolen Sharpie Revolution, and my blog have links to other zine distros you can check out too.

To read all my posts about International Zine Month, click here or here.

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3 Responses to IZM day 7 – Zine distro day

  1. Nyx says:

    I’d love to see what you picked out when it arrives. ^_^

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