IZM day 13 – its your lucky zine day!

Oooh, it’s Friday the 13th! So for International Zine Month, you can:

“make up a zine superstition and share it (skip the 13th issue? Spin 3 times to prevent copier jams or avoid paper cuts? Let your best friend read your zine before anyone else?)”

Photo of pentagram at Barlok in Brussels, made while preparing my zine workshop at La Barloca #1

How about:

“Zines that feature black cats or bunnies with eye patches bring good luck”? 🙂

Sea Green Zines published a mysterious zine superstition ritual on their blog that you might wanna try! You never know!

Actually I’m working on Same Heartbeats #13 right now! So no skipping number 13 here. (Could skipping issues bring bad luck? Is there ever bad luck when zines are concerned? Well, I guess copy machines can always decide to work against you…). It will be a quite dark issue in various aspects. We’re living in dark times anyway…

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1 Response to IZM day 13 – its your lucky zine day!

  1. Nyx says:

    I’m all for getting as many black cat zines as I can! ^_^ Thank you for the mention.

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