IZM day 18 – trade zines

It’s July 18: Zine trade Day!

“Ask someone to trade zines”

Trading (swapping) is one of the best things about zines. It’s all about showing an interest in and supporting other people’s zines, sharing your zines, and a non-profit DIY gift culture.

There are special websites where you can post ads to let others know that you’re up for trades like Penfight’s Community Notice Board (Penfight also sells buttons/badges saying “up for trades” and “swap zines with me”) and there even exists a website for a regularly group-organised zine swap. You can also ask for zine trades at facebook group such as Feminist Zines Europe or the social media platform for zinesters WeMakeZines or just contact individual zinesters.

Of course you can trade zines any day this month, and also the whole year! I already traded zines with a bunch of lovely zinesters this month and just posted one of my zines this morning. ❤

If you want to trade zines with me, go ahead and ask!

[I also wanted to mention that yesterday I got the amazing zine parcel which I ordered from Portland Button Works for Distro Day]

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