IZM day 24 – new skills

Today is day 24 of International Zine Month! And it will be a very creative and fun day: a day to explore new artistic skills!

The IZM website says:

“Teach yourself a new zine skill like a new binding technique or how to make a 1 page zine.”

Background pages for Same Heartbeats #12 featuring a beautiful stamp that was a gift from a friend. I like stamps and hand-printing a lot.

In a previous edition of International Zine Month I’ve used this opportunity to try out making mini-zines (little zines made out of one A4 page). The result can be seen here. I’ve dabbled a tiny bit in book binding but would like to explore it more in the future to be able to make my own notebooks (I just have so many note/sketchbooks at the moment that it’s not urgent, including one self-made by my friend Emca). I’m also curious to try out tetra etching and other printing techniques but that’s for another time.

A page-in-progress for Same Heartbeats #12 which shows how I usually draw, hand-write and make zines.

So for this occasion I’m going to practice some rough sketching in public and experiment with some drawing techniques, maybe try out new ways of drawing/sketching and/or other materials than I usually use.

This is challenging for me because I don’t always feel comfortable with rough sketching and I have developed a certain way of creating a drawing from which I don’t deviate that often. So let’s push those boundaries and experiment!

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