IZM day 26 – organise your zine collection: mini-zine boxes

Welcome to International Zine Month day 26! I hope all is going well with you zine-wise and otherwise and that you’re not melting in the hot sun as I am… This could be called Sun Month too! (at least where I live)

Today let’s …

“Organize your zine collection”

Organising your zine collection may be a quite nerdy zine activity but as a librarian I like it. I have not made an actual catalog for my collection but I do enjoy organising and arranging my zines and inventing categories and choosing boxes so they become easier to browse.

On the photo on the left you can see my current zine collection as well as the stock of zines I made myself. The book shelf on the left is mostly for my own zines (and some of FEL) plus some magazines and other stuff. The book shelf in the middle is the “organised” part of my zine collection. Those are the zines I have read too. Yes, it’s quite a lot but I have been collecting them for a long time and I don’t throw anything away. The smaller book shelf on the right are the unread and less organised zines. And then there is a separate big box for my Maximumrocknroll zines too.

The tall boxes that you can see on the shelves are mostly useful for A5 and A4 size zines. Smaller zines I keep in different boxes.

For the mini-zines that I make myself (as well as some by friends that I take with when I go to a zine fair) I recently found a useful box with subcompartments. See on the photo on the right. It’s perfect!

What does your zine collection and home library looks like?

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2 Responses to IZM day 26 – organise your zine collection: mini-zine boxes

  1. Nyx says:

    WOW! Your collection looks amazing!

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