IZM day 27 + 28 – write about your favourite zines + plan/attend a zine event

These last few days, I’m not so active zine-wise, despite it being International Zine Month. For example, I skipped yesterday’s activity:

July 27 -“Post online about some of your favorite zines!”

Instead, you can just look for my favourites elsewhere on this blog or read my reviews and zine reading lists.

Today is also gonna be a quiet day. Apart from an announcement…

July 28 – “Plan or attend a zine event! Big or tiny!”

Photo from a zine workshop at Mothers & Daughters just before it started…

I’m not attending or organising a zine event today but I can announce a zine workshop I’ll do on August 12th at Ieperfest in Ieper (Belgium). I’ll also be selling my zines on the table of everyone’s favourite feminist group FEL. More info soon! In the meantime, take a look at the website of Ieperfest.

To read all my posts about International Zine Month, click here or here.

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