IZM day 29 – photo of your zine collection or zine

Hello there!

It’s International Zine Month day 29 and today we are encouraged to:

“take a photo of you with your zine or zine collection and post it online.”

Do you write and/or read zines? What do(es) your zine(s) look like? And your zine collection?

I already posted a photo of my zine collection a few days ago and here on the left you can see it again. These shelves might look a bit more impressive than they really are because part of them is filled with the stock of my own zines, as well as with some magazines, pamphlets, and leaflets that aren’t really zines. But I’ve still gathered quite a bunch of great zines throughout the years that I’ve grown very attached to.

For photos of my zines, you can look at my catalog or scroll through this blog.

To read all my posts about International Zine Month, click here or here.

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