IZM day 30 – write about IZM2018

I hope I’m not boring you too much with yet another post about International Zine Month but don’t blame me because this is today’s prompt:

“Write a letter or post about your IZM2018”

IZM is almost over – one more day to go – but I’ve very much enjoyed taking part in most of the daily activities. It was so nice that a new beautiful IZM calendar was made for 2018 with new activities to do each day.

I already wrote a blog post about the first half of this month that you can read about here.

So how was the rest of this month?

  • On day 17 I worked on a page of Same Heartbeats #13 that lists most of the zines I currently have in stock. It’s basicly a combination of a mini-catalog and a flyer. You can see the work in progress on the left.
  • July 18th was zine trade day. I’ve been swapping zines with a few zinesters this month and soon you’ll be able to read about their zines on this blog in my “zine reading lists“.
  • I sent off some zines for consideration to 2 distros (July 19) and listed some zine shops that I have visited in the past (July 20).
  • Day 21 and 22 were dedicated to zine libraries. For this occasion, I listed some online zine archives because all my local zine libraries were closed on those days (weekend + summer break).
  • On July 23rd I ordered zines from the distro Antiquated Future.
  • Because I went travelling on the 24th it seemed like a fun idea to do some sketching and experiment a bit with drawing techniques and materials as a way to learn new skills.
  • I skipped the activity of day 25 – send your zine out to be reviewed – but then found out that Korbi Falardeau reviewed 3 of my zines on YouTube! Yay, what a wonderful surprise! Korbi traded zines with me so keep an eye on this blog for upcoming reviews of Korbi’s zines!
  • As I was still travelling on the 26th, I took some photos of my zine collection and mini-zine boxes in advance. I love (re)organising my zines. 🙂
  • July 27th and 28th were lazy days zine-wise. I didn’t write about my favourite zines or organised a zine event but just used this opportunity to announce an upcoming zine workshop at Ieperfest.
  • And yesterday was a bit lazy too, just re-posting the photo of my zine collection.

Print-out of the pdf poster of IZM2018 as well as an image made by Penfight for International Zine Month hanging on my living room wall.

Today I also plan to (continue to) do some letter-writing, catching up on snail mail… But firstly I’d like to thank all the zinesters who sent me amazing creative zine mail this month (and any time). It has made this month even more awesome and ziney than it already was and it also made the current heat wave more bearable.

So how about you? Have you done any of the listed IZM2018 activities? Did you post about zines online? Did you read or write any zines? Did you enjoy this zine month? Let me know, I’m always curious about all-things-zine-related!


To read all my posts about International Zine Month, click here or here.

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