IZM day 31 – HallowZine

July 31st, the final day of International Zine Month is HallowZine, a day for remembrance and reflection:

“Remember zines and zinesters that are no longer with us.”

I get very nostalgic lately, probably since I made my From Spice Girls to Riot Grrrls zine, and started to think about the 90s and especially the 2000s, which seemed like such a boring unidentifiable decade at the time. I’m looking back at what the DIY, activist, and feminist scenes were like then before facebook, Ladyfests all over the planet, squatting not illegal yet in Belgium and the Netherlands, antiglobalist anti-war marches, and teenage me discovering zines… It really wasn’t that boring after all.

Even though there is a kind of zine revival going on right now, the 2000s that have produced some of the most amazing zines. Anyone remember Synthesis, Clit Rocket, Toilet Paper, Bunnies On Strike, Riot Grrrl Europe, Il Pleut des Gouines, Eye-Scream, OvaryAction, Fight Together, Angry Girrls, Bloody Mary, Girl Soldier, Girl Conspiracy, grrrl:REBEL… the list goes on… (and such brilliant titles!)? Recently I was looking through the interviews on Grrrlzines.net and Grassrootsfeminism.net and started to really miss those days and those zines. Not that there aren’t any wonderful zines out there today, far from! But zines are so ephemeral, so fragile, and aren’t documented and archived enough I think, and I don’t want them to get lost and be forgotten. Maybe it’s time for some new interview series, just so we make sure to remember the zines and zinesters of the 2010s?

So that was it for International Zine Month 2018! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! If you want to read more about my IZM2018 adventures, check the overviews of the first and second halves of the month or read all of my posts here.

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