Reviews of my zines

Photo of the FEL / Creative Coffee zine team stand at Zine Happening IV this year

I feel so honoured and excited to see that some of my zines have received lovely reviews recently! So I decided to collect all the reviews I could find or remember and list them here. I’m going to try to keep this list up to date and add reviews when I see any.

So you’d like to know what people say about my zines? Read on…

Sea Green Zines recently reviewed some of my zines on her blog:

Korbi Falardeau reviewed 3 of my zines, From Spice Girls to Riot Grrrls, Dirty Lesbian, and Space Invasion on YouTube! Isn’t this cool?!


More zines on video: Look through the Happy Mail Mondays videos by Sea Green Zines. These are not reviews but they show the opening of zine mail and the excitement of it all! (Because snail mail rules!) 🙂

And there are some Happy Mail Mondays photos as well.

Older reviews:

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