News & zine events (Summer)

So many announcements: zine plans, new zines, reviews, and two upcoming zine events!


Working on Same Heartbeats #13


  • International Zine Month is over but you can still read all about it on my blog. Check my posts here.
  • My newest zine Same Heartbeats #13 is finished! (See photo on the right of “the making of”). Find out more on this blog very very soon! Recently I made some mini-zines too and you can order them separately as well as in a set!
  • I have a new zine plan to announce and it is a collaborative one: J and I will be making a self-care cookzine with easy and fast recipes for bad or low-energy days when you just want to put a frozen pizza in the oven. So we’re looking for easy and healthier alternatives for dinner, snacks… Any suggestions and ideas are of course welcome! 🙂
  • Sister Ray Zines has offered her help in making the Brussels DIY tourist zine which I am very happy about! I have to admit I was a bit stuck because it seems like such an overwhelming project. Also, Sister Ray’s zines are super cool, and creative collaborations are always fun, so it’s a total win! More and more amazing projects and places keep popping up in Brussels so it’s about time this zine gets made!
  • And last but not least! Korbi Falardeau reviewed 3 of my zines, From Spice Girls to Riot Grrrls, Dirty Lesbian, and Space Invasion on YouTube. Isn’t this cool?! Watch it here and also check out all reviews of my zines.


Zine events!

  • Photo taken at Mothers & Daughters

    Zine workshop + zine table at Ieperfest
    Sunday August 12th in Ieper, Belgium
    During the hardcore punk festival Ieperfest we are making zines focusing on the relation between punk/music and sexism/feminism (though you can make zines about any subject you like), while eating yummy vegan food.
    Plenty of feminist zines and perzines available on the FEL stand.
    Website: Ieperfest

  • Queerkoorts – queer fair
    Saturday August 18th at Minus One in Ghent
    Again tableing with FEL and our zines at this LGBTQIA fair.
    Facebook event: Queerkoorts
  • Leeds Zine Fair
    Saturday September 14th in Leeds, UK
    Tableing at Leeds Zine Fair, woohoo!!! 🙂
    Website: Leeds Zine Fair

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