Recent local zine events – Ieperfest and Queerkoorts

Ieperfest: table + workshop

FEL had a table again at the hardcore-punk festival Ieperfest this year with our zines and merch. It was quite noisy though in the “more than music” tent, which is probably hard to escape at an outdoor festival. I heard that there were less visitors this year and we noticed it in the tent too.

The “more than music” workshops and talks did seem well-attended though. The programme was shock-full of interesting stuff from talking about minorities in punk (Ieperfest is a notoriously almost-only-male-and-white-bands festival and this year was no different) to abortion rights in Europe. Lots of animal rights stuff too and vegan food all over the festival terrain. It wasn’t so easy to find a quiet spot to do my zine workshop so we did it in a container where a film was shown too. Not ideal but at least some people showed great interest in zines and started creating their own mini-zines.

Queerkoorts: table at the queer fair

It was nice meeting so many other local and Belgian queer and activist organisations and also discovering new zines at the queer fair of Queerkoorts. Zines have really become a thing (again) in the feminist/queer/activist scenes. It’s nice to see that so many people – especially from marginalised groups in society who’s voices rarely get heard – decide to pick up pen and paper and self-publish their own writing and artwork.

In the evening there was vegan dinner, a curiously strange film about punks and aliens, performances, a drag queen show (can we bring drag kings back too some day?), and a party. It all took place in the youth centre Minus One in Ghent which is really a good location for events like this as it has different rooms with space for concerts and performances (one room was a quiet room which was very nice to relax) and is easily accessible by tram.

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