News, plans & upcoming events (Oct 2018)

I’m doing two zine workshops in October – in Brussels on the 5th and in Namur on the 27th – and have lots of plans for a round table/workshop on alternative media, a zine tour, a new interview series, and an oracle card set. Read on to find out more…



  • I’d like to make a kind of DIY illustrated “Oracle card set” for encouraging creativity and/or activism though I’m not sure about the specific theme and design yet. Ideas and comments welcome!
  • I’ve been doing so many zine workshops lately but I’d like to focus more on talks or panel discussions as well, thinking about what zines can mean, their relations to other alternative media, their roles for feminist and queer activism… I was thinking about a panel or round table with various DIY media-makers including (feminist) zinesters, bloggers, writers, self-publishers, podcasters, etc talking about self-publishing and alternative media both theoretically and as skill-sharing? Anyone up for participating in this? (Maybe together with FEL?).
  • The idea of doing a “zine tour” has crossed my mind before but some day soon I’d really like to do it. Maybe I should start with one zine reading first? Anyone else interesting in joining me or helping organise stuff?
  • Finally, I’m thinking of interviewing some friends who were making (queer-feminist) zines or were otherwise active in the feminist DIY scene in the 2000s. Some may have moved on to other projects or occupations and some may still be doing similar stuff. I’m curious to find out what their memories of the 2000s are and what drives, occupies, and inspires them today. I think I might publish these interviews in Same Heartbeats #14 or maybe on this blog or in another separate zine, not sure yet.


Zine workshop at RoSa
Friday October 5th: 13:00 – 16:00
at the RoSa library in Brussels
Workshop about zines and body image: how can zines offer an alternative for mainstream magazines and how can they become a feminist tool to fight beauty standards, share experiences in a safe space, and build a supportive community?
More info: facebook event

Zine Workshop at Chocs & Ennui
Saturday October 27th: 14:00 – 18:00
at Le Garach: rue Godard 25, in Namur
Creative workshop to learn how to make your own zine and discuss the radical potential of zine-making and self-publishing; in English.
Free donation!
More info: facebook event


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2 Responses to News, plans & upcoming events (Oct 2018)

  1. meenilevi says:

    The round table/panel idea sounds super great, I would love to attend/participate in it ❤

    • rebelsister says:

      Thank you! That would be great if you could participate! I think you’d have a lot of interesting stuff to say as you’re involved in blogging/zines/books… I really want to make this event happen one day soon.

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