Zine workshop at RoSa – photos

On Friday October 5th I did a zine workshop at the feminist library RoSa in Brussels. It was a very inspiring and nurishing environment and the participants were so enthusiastic and creative, it made me very happy!

I talked about what zines are, how to make them, why they are interesting for feminists, and about body image and zines. Being in the library I could show some of the books in their collection that talk about feminist zines, like Girl Zines: Making Media Doing Feminism, The Riot Grrrl Collection, Riot Grrrl: Revolution Girl Style Now, and From Girls to Grrrls, which are also mentioned here in this book list on De Tweede Sekse blog. Additionally I brought some zines with me about body image and feminism to show as examples. At the end of the workshop everyone had made their own wonderful zine or mini-zine and expressed the desire to continue making zines! Yay!

RoSa has a few (feminist) zines in their collection and said they’d like to acquire more in the future. That would be very nice to have a library in Belgium that will build a specific feminist/queer zine collection. I compiled a list of all zine libraries in Belgium which mentions them too.

In case you missed this workshop but would like to make your own zine at home, have a look at these free tutorials. You can also buy or swap a mini-zine tutorial from me. In that case, please mail me. If you’d like me to organise a zine workshop for your project or organisation, also feel free to contact me.

Here are some photos of the workshop:


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