New mini-zine: A Space of Our Own

When I visited Manchester (and Leeds and London) recently, I got the opportunity to make and print a mini-zine on the riso printer at the autonomous centre Partisan. (Huge thanks to Pen Fight for this fun and creative afternoon!). It was the first time I ever used or even saw a riso printer even though I had heard of their existence, so it was very exciting!

The mini-zine I made is called A Space of Our Own and celebrates autonomous spaces (like Partisan). It’s about why I like such places and includes some examples of spaces I’ve had the pleasure to visit in Europe.

I gave away the original riso-printed mini-zines but I made some photocopied reprints. Maybe not as nice as the original but they are still in colour, double-sided, and contain the same content. These photos are of the original riso-printed mini-zines but the photocopied versions are very similar. If you want a riso version, contact Pen Fight as they might have some left.

Available for trades (or 0,50 euros). Mail me.

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