ZineWriMo 2018 – my plans

ZineWriMo 2018 poster created by Sea Green Zines

October/Inktober is almost over (I’ll post all of my drawings soon) and we’re on the verge of another exciting and creative month!

November is approaching and that means it’s time for ZineWriMo (Zine Writing Month)! ZineWriMo was inspired by NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month – the challenge to write an unedited novel in 30 days) and encourages everyone to make zines and do zine stuff during the entire month of November.

For this occasion, Sea Green Zines has made an amazing poster with ideas of things to do this month. Have a look ->

Image taken from the ZineWriMo facebook page

Inspired by those ideas, these are my plans (so far):

  • work on (or finish) the Brussels DIY tourist guide zine
  • work on (or finish) Guitarrr #2, a mini-manual on playing guitar
  • work on Same Heartbeats #14
  • work on (or finish) Zinespiration, a mini-zine on things that inspire me to make zines
  • work on (or finish) a fanzine about Yngwie Malmsteen
  • create a zine idea notebook or bullet journal
  • trade zines
  • read zines
  • review zines
  • blog about ZineWriMo


What are your ZineWriMo plans?

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5 Responses to ZineWriMo 2018 – my plans

  1. tikara says:

    I’ll be printing my fourth (!) zine of this year in November and prettying it up with some colourful stamps. Then maybe I’ll start on an adventure fic zine 🙂

  2. Nyx says:

    Lots of plans! Haha. There are fewer than two days to go, and I still don’t really have a plan as such. I’m glad I remember to put in a brainstorming day. Hehe.

    • rebelsister says:

      yes, i like that you’ve included more “at ease” days as well as very creative days. i think i will just do as many as possible of the prompts but maybe not in the right order. only one more day to go! 😮

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