Zine workshop at Le Garach in Namur (+ autonomous spaces in Belgium)

On October 27th I did a zine workshop for Chocs et Ennui at Le Garach in Namur, a nice creative autonomous space in a garage (hence the name 🙂 ) filled with silkscreened posters, a zine distro (that now includes some of my zines), some speakers accompanying us with a great playlist and yummy self-baked cakes. The participants were all so enthusiastic and creative in so many ways. It was a great joy working with them to make (mini)zines.

During the workshop I talked about the basics: what zines are and how to make them, we discussed the potential political aspects of zine-making, and then everyone started making a (mini)zine of their own.

I was happy to do a zine workshop in Le Garach because I value such self-organised and non-commercial spaces a lot. We need places where we can do creative stuff, activist stuff, learn, share skills, meet like-minded people… That’s also why I recently made a mini-zine about the importance of autonomous spaces called A space of our own. My 24-hour-zine Space Invasion also discusses the value of such free spaces.

Here is a list of active autonomous spaces in Belgium that I know of:

  • Assez – Gent
  • Le Barlok – Brussels
  • Le Garach – Namur
  • KreAction – Liège
  • Finix – Hasselt
  • Highway to Hell – Liège
  • Het Landhuis – Gent
  • Poisson Sans Bicyclette – Brussels
  • Le Space – Brussels
  • Vort’n Vis – Ieper
  • La Zone – Liège

Feminist street-art spotted in Namur

Each of these spaces is unique and precious. There exist probably a lot more than the ones I listed here, I may have forgotten to mention some or I may not even know of the existence of others. Do you know any other cool spaces? Please let me know in the comments.

During the workshop at Le Garach, while we were all concentrating on making zines, I started working on the second issue of Guitarrr (see image), a mini-zine filled with tips for learning to play guitar and bass. I’m continuing working on it during ZineWriMo this month and hope to finish it soon…

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