ZineWriMo 2018 – the first week (getting started)

I decided to summarise the progress I’m making on ZineWriMo on a weekly basis instead of posting about it everyday. Gives me more time for actual zine-making… So what did I do in the first week?

  • Guitarrr #2 + “Fire and Ice” LP

    I wrote and drew a lot for Guitarrr #2, a mini-zine filled with tips and tricks for learning to play guitar or bass. You can see the work in progress on the right, next to cover art of the “Fire and Ice” LP by Yngwie Malmsteen that I found in a record shop in Namur last Saturday just before I did a zine workshop there. It was the perfect soundtrack for Guitarrr #2. 🙂 By the way, thank you JĂ©rĂ´me of Chocs et Ennui for including some Yngwie songs in the playlist for the workshop! Other musical treasures in that playlist included Bratmobile, Petrol Girls, La Fraction, and Bikini Kill. All great for working on a zine about playing music!

  • Brussels zine + Inktober drawings

    I starting drawing two illustrations for Workaholic, a zine edited by Nyx of Sea Green Zines. I was happy to be asked by Nyx to contribute to her zine as I was thinking of writing something for it but couldn’t decide about what exactly. I’m sure it’s going to be a very interesting zine so I’m glad my drawings will be included in it!

  • I wrote a bit for YngWHO, my fanzine about Yngwie Malmsteen, and for #14 of my zine Same Heartbeats, and thought about which of my Inktober drawings could be used for the Brussels zine I’m working on together with Sister Ray Zines.
  • Finally I started writing reviews for the zines I read in September and October.

So that was it for now. A lot of starting-to-do-stuff but still lots of work finishing up everything. Keep an eye on this blog for more ZineWriMo updates! 🙂

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