ZineWriMo 2018 – the second week (notebooks, tools and zines)

Are you participating in Zine Writing Month too? How has your ZineWriMo been so far?

The ZineWriMo prompt of Monday November 5th was to make a colourful mini-zine so I started creating Zinespiration, a mini-zine I intended to make already a while ago. I want it to be an artistically more free zine, using lots of colour, collages, going wild with stickers and stamps, while also mentionning all the things that inspire me to make zines… Still need a lot of work though.

I wrote a bit for YngWHO (fanzine about Yngwie Malmsteen), more specifically about the 1980s and my memories of it, about how the masculinity norms of the 80s look quite queer through today’s eyes, and about my mixed feelings about being a fan (of Yngwie). I’m also slowly writing, editing and layouting Same Heartbeats #14. This zine will include a piece about Yngwie too, despite the fact I’m making an entire fanzine at the same time…

I love Sea Green Zines’ idea of an idea book, the prompt of day 6. I’d been thinking about starting a bullet journal for a while and I love all kinds of sketch books, note books, and scrap books. For this prompt I used a notebook that my friend Emilie gave me for my birthday. Here are some photos of the cover and inside pages. It’s useful to have all my creative ideas and plans listed together in one notebook – especially for my postcards – instead of spread all over different notebooks and sketch books.

Two other prompts for this week were “organise your zine-making goodies” and “show off your favourite zine tools”. So I reorganised my stamps and washi tapes in new boxes. Before, they were all in one box with some other materials but having them each in separate smaller boxes makes it more enjoyable to create stuff with them. I wrote a bit about zine tools in Same Heartbeats #12 if you’re curious to find out more.

More about my ZineWriMo 2018 experience:

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4 Responses to ZineWriMo 2018 – the second week (notebooks, tools and zines)

  1. Hadass420 says:

    This is wonderful, and your idea book looks great! Good job 😀

  2. Nyx says:

    Your idea book is fabulous. ^_^ Seeing all of your ideas in one place can be inspirational in and of itself. Also, those shiny washi tapes are so gorgeous!

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