ZineWriMo 2018 – third week (brain food, creative gatherings and ziiines)

We’ve arrived at the beginning of week 4 and I’m slowly carrying on with the ZineWriMo zines and prompts. Here is a little summary of what I did in week 3:

The prompt for Monday (day 12) was to make a fanzine, so I occupied myself with writing and structuring my fanzine YngWHO. It will still take a while before it’s finished though so I probably won’t get it printed and published this month. But I’m still happy with the progress I’m making. In the meantime I’m also reading Yngwie Malmsteen’s memoir, Relentless, which helps to keep me motivated (lots of funny stories in there, I think he should write perzines himself).

The drummer of my band is finishing up her mini-zine on how to play drums and it already looks very cool! It also inspires me to keep working on Guitarrr #2. Almost done, almost done…

Another ZineWriMo prompt for last week was sharing your snacks of choice that help to make zines. I’m gonna interpret this a bit broader than just edible food and expand it to brain food in general. Then music comes on the first place, especially as I’m making several zines related to music at the moment. Sometimes I like to work in silence, or while watching a tv show, but mostly I enjoy some good motivating rock music on the background. In the past week that’s been Paradise Lost (“As I die”), Marty Friedman (“Forbidden City”), the “Proud like a God” CD of Guano Apes, and well… lots of Yngwie.

On Thursday my friend J and I had a little crafty evening during which they were knitting and embroidering and I was drawing guitars for Guitarrr #2. We want to organise more crafty gatherings where we live because we enjoyed it a lot. It also really helps to work on creative stuff together to prevent procrastination. In Brussels some of my friends organise similar creative get-togethers and it’s always fun too, even though I don’t manage to go very often anymore.

What have you been up to this week?

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1 Response to ZineWriMo 2018 – third week (brain food, creative gatherings and ziiines)

  1. Hadass420 says:

    I love your idea of “brain food” zine! I also work a lot with music in the background and it inspires me to keep going (which is bad sometimes because then I lose track of time and get to work late! Haha!). Also crafty events with friends are always fun. I’ve had them with my roommates back when I was single and they were always a lot of fun. I made my best work when I was crafting with my friends 🙂

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