Postcard season!

Tis the season to write postcards!

And I have some for sale. There are 9 designs:

  • Three witches
  • Chainsaw Bunny fireworks
  • Creating and reading zines
  • Chainsaw ice skating
  • Tree house
  • Collage figures (oldie from my student days! won’t be reprinted – buy while you can)
  • Chainsaw Bunny blanket fort
  • Cats & books
  • Curly wind

Price: 1 postcard = 1 euro (+ postage)

Discount: 10 postcards for 9 euros (+ postage)

Mail me to place an order.


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3 Responses to Postcard season!

  1. Nyx says:

    Eee! If you still have copies and are okay setting some aside (I completely understand if not!), I would love to get one of each. ❤

    Also, a lovely little envelope from you arrived. ^_^ I can hardly wait until Happy Mail Monday to open it.

  2. rebelsister says:

    One might already be in that envelope! 😀 But I can send you more! I still have lots of each so I can totally set some aside.

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