New mini-zine: Guitarrr #2


Guitarrr is a mini-zine or mini-manual filled with tips and tricks for playing guitar or bass.

Because I had forgotten to mention some stuff in Guitarrr #1 and I had learned some new things since its publication, I decided to make another issue. In this second issue you’ll learn about guitar techniques such as muting, scales, and harmonics. When you fold open the mini-zine you’ll find a poster on this inside with different electric guitars and basses and some more or less well-known musicians who play them.

Guitarrr #2 is a full-colour folded double-sided mini-zine. Chainsaw Bunny is featured on the cover. It’s a very compact mini-zine, so you can carry it with you wherever you go such as to band practice or to jam sessions!

It’s written and illustrated by Nina, and published by ECHO.


Guitarrr #2 is now for sale for only 0,50 euro (+ postage). Zine trades accepted. Mail me to order a copy.

Guitarrr #1 is still for sale too. Find my other zines and mini-zines in my catalogue.

And now go and make some noise!

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