Looking back at 2018, looking forward to 2019

Happy New Year!

2018 has come to an end. So I decided to go through all of my blog posts of the past year to see what I spent my time on. It turns out that I gave quite a few zine workshops, made a bunch of zines (of course), and did plenty of other stuff. It was a fun and productive year for me.

If you read on, you can also see what my plans for 2019 are…

As my new year’s resolutions for 2018 I set out to:

  • read a lot of zines again (but I won’t set a number)
  • try to read at least 20 books
  • make/finish Same Heartbeats #13, a 24-hour-zine, a DIY tourist zine about Brussels, and a mini-zine on self-care
  • craft and create a lot: design several new postcards, sew clothes (I already made a pair of shorts!), sketch lots, design new buttons and stickers…
  • visit and participate in zine events, organise zine workshops
  • participate in lots of activism
  • play a first (or more) concert(s) with my new band and participate in open mic events with my other music project!

I didn’t get to do everything on this list but I’m still happy with my accomplishments. I don’t write these lists as strict to-do lists anyway, but more as lists of ideas or sources of inspiration/motivation.

Read on for my personal highlights of 2018…

Zine workshops and zine events:

In February I co-organised the 4th edition of 24 Hour Zine Thing in Belgium together with Girls Go BOOM. It took place in PLEK, in Ghent as part of Girls Go BOOM’s “Club House” residency.

I got invited to do zine workshops at Vort’n Vis in Ieper (March), Mothers & Daughters, the temporary lesbian bar in Brussels and La Barloca #1 festival at Le Barlok in Brussels (both in June), at Salle Lollepot in Brussels organised by Fat Positivity Belgium (July), during Ieperfest (August), at the feminist library RoSa in Brussels and at Le Garach in Namur (both in October). I don’t think I ever did that many zine workshops in one year! It would be nice to continue doing them but I prefer to focus them on certain themes (f.e. DIY herstory-writing, resistance to beauty standards, self-care and mental health, etc) instead of doing (only) zine 101 workshops. I’d also like to do talks or participate in group discussions about the importance of zines and other alternative feminist media. Let me know if you’re interested in organising something like this.

In November, Bloed Aan De Muur organised a panel discussion during the anniversary event of Barricade, the book café at ACU in Utrecht (The Netherlands). The discussion was recorded for their anarcha-feminist podcast too. I was very excited to be invited to participate in the panel and talk about radical books, zines, feminist collectives, self-organisation, and inclusivity. (I’ll write a bit more about this event soon).

And finally, I tabled and sold my zines at the following zine fairs and other events: Zine Happening, Alternatieve Boekenbeurs, Ieperfest, Queer Koorts, Leeds Zine Fair, and the Feminist Winter Market at Amazone, and I loved it!

My zine table at Leeds Zine Fair 2018

Zines I published:

And I contributed to other zines and books (this is an incomplete list, I’ll add a post about new publications soon).

All the mini-zines I made so far (not all created in 2018!)

Other (creative) stuff I did:

  • I spend the month of July doing zine stuff for International Zine Month.
  • For the first time, I participated in Inktober, a challenge to draw with ink/pen every day during the month of October. I succeeded in drawing something every day, even if I didn’t finish each drawing on the day I started it.
  • Inktober was followed by ZineWriMo in November, a month dedicated to zine-making. I finished my mini-zine Guitarrr #2, made an ideas notebook and participated in the panel/podcast I mentioned above, but otherwise didn’t do that much zine stuff.
  • I designed three new postcards.
  • I visited and donated zines to zine libraries (in the UK and in Belgium).
  • With the help of Diane, we organised a temporary radical ballet class in Brussels during several months.
  • My band Lavender Witch played our first four concerts. More are coming up soon… Exciting!

Lavender Witch looking dark and witchy

Reading list:

I read 27 books. You can find reviews of some of them here: comics part I, comics part II, fiction / novels, creative/DIY books, and books about punk women / witchy writers / rebel girls.

I read a gigantic amount of zines which I reviewed here.


Standing on the doorstep of a new year means I get to think again about what I want to do and make in my life. 2018 was a nice creative year and I got to cross off some things from my to do list as well as be surprised and honoured to participate in several amazing projects. But looking back at the things I did in 2018 also gives me fresh energy and motivation to look forward and there remain some things I’d like to accomplish in the (near) future.

Here are my plans & new year’s resolutions for 2019:
(I might continue to add things to this list during the year)

  • Finish my zine Same Heartbeats #14 and maybe #15
  • Finish my zine YngWHO
  • Finish the Brussels tourist zine together with Sister Ray Zines
  • Make some mini-zines
  • Play a lot of concerts with my band Lavender Witch and record new songs
  • Try to improve my guitar skills
  • Read at least 20 books and lots of zines
  • Keep on writing mini-reviews of the zines I read
  • Go to one or more zine fests outside of Belgium
  • Visit more zine libraries
  • Do another panel(s) or talk(s) on alternative media / radical zines (if you want to organise something like that, please contact me)
  • Write an article about zines and (resistance to) beauty norms
  • Make “The Oracle of ECHO” card set to inspire creativity
  • Make more Chainsaw Bunny comics
  • Start drawing for my graphic novel
  • Design more postcards

Added 07/01/2019:

  • Participate in other music projects
  • Participate in a zine reading
  • Draw a self-portrait
  • Make an inspiration scrapbook

What are your plans for 2019?

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5 Responses to Looking back at 2018, looking forward to 2019

  1. Hadass420 says:

    Wow! You accomplished so many awesome things in 2018! Your creative drive is so powerful and inspiring. Good for you 😀
    Hope 2019 is just as awesome and productive for you as you want it to be ❤

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