Interesting stuff on the web: other zinesters’ new year’s blogposts

Yesterday I wrote my new year’s post on this blog, and today I’d like to share those of other zine makers:

I love new year’s blog posts written by zinesters because I love to read about their accomplishments and plans, get ideas and inspiration from it and just look forward to reading more of their work. These blogs feels very encouraging because making zines is not about competition but about sharing and support. While I’m amazed by the creative output of these zinesters they also remind me in their posts that taking regular breaks and not putting too much pressure on oneself is a good plan, that life happens, and that procrastition is really fine in the zineverse*.

[* “Zineverse” is a term coined by Nyx of Sea Green Zines]

Chainsaw Bunny says: “arrr!” for no reason at all. She might have to start her own blog. Her New Year’s resolutions are: “eat more carrot cake” and “destroy more things with my chainsaw”, in no particular order.

Let’s start with my zine friend Nyx of Sea Green Zines who blogged about her New Year’s Eve, her outlook on 2019 and her new zine storage system. As I have a huge zine collection myself, I’m always curious to see how others organise their zines.

Hadass, another zine (trading) pal, wrote about her plans for 2019 that include zine things and non-zine things. Yeah, I sometimes forget, but life is not only about zines. 🙂 She also wrote an entire post about her “re-zine-lutions“.

On the blog of Holly of Cool Schmool (who make the zine series Me and Bruce among others) there is an overview of her favourite zines of 2018 as well as all a post about all of the zine-related things she did, made, and organised in 2018 (a lot!) as well as reminders to take it easy and say “no” to stuff to avoid burn-out.

And finally, zinester Emma of Fanzine Ynfytyn wrote about what 2018 was like for her (both very difficult things and creative stuff) as well as about what she hopes to do in 2019 (from sending more post to growing cacti).

So this was my little effort of amplifying some other zinesters’ voices. Enjoy reading their blogs! If you wrote something about 2018/2019 yourself, please share the link in the comments.

You can read all about my own 2018 year overview and my plans for 2019 here.

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