Interesting stuff on the web: free clip-art, fonts, and software for making zines

For all your zine-making, web-designing, poster-creating and other creative work, it can help to have access to free fonts, online clip-art and open source software. So here are a few creative resources that seem cool. I haven’t tried or used all of them but I came across these websites or they were recommended to me (thanks!) and I thought it could be useful to share them.



Graphic software

  • Gimp: image-editing (open source alternative for Photoshop)
  • Inkscape: vector-based drawing (open source alternative for Illustrator)
  • Scribus: lay-outing (open source alternative for InDesign)
  • The writing software of Open Office and LibreOffice can also be used for lay-outing your zine or for writing the text (and then printing and cut & pasting the pages).

ADDED 08/06/2021: Affinity Publisher Zine Templates

Do you have any other recommendations? Leave a comment…

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