New zine: Same Heartbeats #14

Same Heartbeats #14 is out!

The new issue of my feminist perzine* Same Heartbeats has just rolled off the printers! Number 14 is my lucky number, so it must be a good one? 🙂

As usual, this is a text-heavy zine but with lots of drawings and photos too. It’s printed on recycled paper and hand-bound with pink yarn (because I associate baby pink with the number 14 – it’s a synesthesia thing…).

Curious to know what this zine is about? Read on…

What can you find in this issue?

  • Interviews with Emca and Asia, two friends who are active in various ways in the DIY scene and share their experiences, thoughts, and memories
  • A comic about manspreading
  • Looking back at my trip to the UK visiting Leeds Zine Fair, Pen Fight shop and other fun places in Manchester and Leeds.
  • A fan rant about Yngwie Malmsteen (written at the highlight of my fan obsession – be warned! 😀 )
  • The further adventures of Lavender Witch including the first concerts we played
  • Reflections on the various zine events that I participated in recently
  • Remembering all the prize draws I ever won
  • An easy vegan lasagna recipe
  • A poem / lyrics about nostalgia

36 pages in A5 size.

For sale: 2 euros + postage
Trades welcome
Distros: get in touch!
Mail to

Catalogue of all my zines.

*a perzine is short for “personal zine”, a zine that is quite personal/autobiographical.

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