YngWHO? + Same Heartbeats #14

Hi there! Did you see my new zines yet?

I’m excited to see my two newest zines in print: YngWHO? and Same Heartbeats #14!

YngWHO? is a zine about fandom and fame, growing up in the 80s, gender, and guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen. It includes Yngwie-inspired life advice, book/zine/film recommendations, a playlist, a crossword-type puzzle, and a paper doll! It’s 32 pages in A5 size.

Same Heartbeats #14 is the new issue of my feminist perzine. Inside I wrote about my band Lavender Witch, Yngwie Malmsteen (again), all the prize draws I ever won, zine events, travelling to the UK, … and there’s an interview with two creative DIY feminist activist friends (Asia and Emca), a vegan recipe, and a comic about manspreading. It’s 36 pages in A5 size.

Both zines cost 2 euros each (+ postage). Trades are welcome. Distros, get in touch!

Mail to: flapper_grrrl@yahoo.co.uk

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