Fun stuff I did in March

March is known in the zine world for its yearly “Mini Zine March” challenge, invented by Nyx of Sea Green Zines to inspire and motivate to make more mini-zines. Unfortunately this year I couldn’t find (or make) the time to create or finish a mini-zine during this month but I did do plenty of zine-related and other fun stuff instead…

International Women’s Day – March 8th

For the first time ever (as far as I know) a women’s strike had been organised in Belgium on March 8th. Apart from the actual call to strike by the collective 8 Maars (supported by the unions and other organisations) there were several actions taking place in several cities. I attended some things that were organised in the centre of Brussels but I couldn’t stay very long because I also had plans in Namur…

On March 8th the exhibition “Règles d’A3” opened in Café Arsène in Namur. The title of the exhibition referred to the rule of 3 and to the fact that all artworks were the size of A3. Because of International Women’s Day all artwork had a feminist theme. I was honoured to be part of the exhibition with a screenprint that was printed by the Chocs et Ennui collective who organised the exhibition. For the vernissage there was also a concert by Unluckid.


Just for the Record at RoSa – March 15th

More art one week later at the exhibition at the RoSa Library organised by the collective Just For The Record who had created posters inspired by some of the books and archival materials they found at the library, leading to amazing results. The books and archival materials were also part of the exhibition, creating links between feminist herstory and contemporary feminist art activism.

And that same Friday, it was the first day of Ladyfest BXL too…

Ladyfest BXL – March 15-17th

The feminist festival Ladyfest BXL (BXL stands for Brussels) took place at Brass, a cultural centre situated in an old brewery in Brussels. I enjoyed the concerts of Tuvalu and Bengal, a drag king show, a discussion on contemporary feminist struggles, an amazing exhibition (with photography about masculinity, drawings, cartoons, the awesome embroidery art by That Beard Girl, etc), and more.

I was quite busy too, tableing with my zines together with zine friends Sister Ray Zines, That Beard Girl, Jessica of ESCzine, Jo, and Mawy, and making new friends with the crafty riot grrrls of MandApunk who play in the band Judith Judah.

Alternative Bookfair – March 23rd

And the following Saturday it was time for the Alternative Bookfair (or anarchist bookfair). The organisers had to change location at the last moment and moved the event to ‘t Landhuis (a big garden with some squatted buildings). It wasn’t easy to have the fair happen outdoors but it was well-organised and cosy. The location was a bit hard to get to with public transport so there were less visitors but it was still a nice event. Sister Ray Zines and I did a zine table for FEL, there was delicious food like only anarchists can make it, and there was an interesting talk about queer activist history in Ghent. And I petted a friendly three-legged one-eyed cat…


Lavender Witch in Maastricht – March 30th

Finally, on the last Saturday of March, my band Lavender Witch got invited to play at Mandril in Maastricht. The concert was organised by my friend Maddalena who’s also part of the Ladyfest Maastricht team (which takes place in the first weekend of May). It was a lot of fun to play, people were actually dancing, and for the first time I wasn’t nervous at all which was nice and a bit weird too. After the concert there was the opportunity to participate in the queer-feminist karaoke which we all enjoyed very much. 🙂

So yeah, March was a pretty busy and exciting month! And now I’ll go back to finishing that mini-zine that has been lying around on my table for so long…

Soon you can read more about all of this in my upcoming zine Same Heartbeats #15!

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