IZM2019 – Zine trade day

It’s day 18 of International Zine Month and that means “Zine Trade Day” according to the list of prompts!

Why is trading zines so important for the zine community?

  • It encourages gift culture
  • It doesn’t involve the exchange of money in a money-based capitalist economy
  • You get so much more value for your zines
  • Every trade is a surprise
  • You get to read zines you otherwise might not come across if someone asks you to trade
  • It may lower the barrier for some zine makers to acquire your zines
  • It helps to make penpals and forge friendships
  • It encourages readers to become writers

So… wanna trade zines with me? I have mini-zines as well as bigger zines available. Have a look at my catalogue.

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2 Responses to IZM2019 – Zine trade day

  1. TheBosoms says:

    Ooooh, I might like that! I have a small Qualiens zine available still.

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