IZM2019 – folding, sewing, and tidying

I had a rather productive weekend zine-wise, even though I didn’t do any of the International Zine Month prompts. In between working on the zines Same Heartbeats #15 (almost finished) and Brussels Hellhole (together with Sister Ray Zines), I’m tidying and re-organising some of my zine tools. I just bought a whole lot of new washi tapes (they were cheap and pretty so I couldn’t resist), along with colourful paper and stamps. I used to keep the washi tapes and the stamps each in a (small but pretty) box but now I moved them to some (bigger) drawers that are easy to take out and use as a box when I’m working with them.


I’ve also been folding lots of mini-zines last weekend. I store the mini-zines I make in their own super practical box with separate compartments for each title. As you can see there is one space left, so that encourages me to make a new mini-zine soon!


Finally, I made a kind of banner I can attach to the table cloth I use at zine fests. I’ll be using it very soon at Swindon Zine Fest and North West Zine Fest. Super excited about tableing there, together with ESCzine!


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2 Responses to IZM2019 – folding, sewing, and tidying

  1. Hadass420 says:

    Oh, it’s a table cloth! Very cool!! ❤

    • rebelsister says:

      thanks 🙂 it’s actually part of a table cloth. i’ll attach it to the front with safety pins. very punk 🙂

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