IZM2019 – zine fests, library, shop and new zine

Today is/was the last day of International Zine Month… I’ve been quite busy this past week so this is a short summary of all the zine-related things I managed to do:

  • Go to the local copy shop to print Same Heartbeats #15 during the worst day of the recent heat wave. I’m still in the process of folding and binding the zines but I’ll announce on this blog when they are all done and for sale. I also read quite a few zines (it was about the only thing I managed to do during this horrible heat wave).

  • Visit and table at Swindon Zine Fest and North West Zine Fest – both in the UK – last weekend. I shared a table with ESCzine which was super fun! It was also great to meet so many zine friends and zinesters who’s zines I’ve long admired (again)!

  • While I was in the UK, I visited the Salford Zine Library in Manchester as well as the bookshop Housmans who sell a lot of zines (and who bought some of mine) – that last place together with friends while brainstorming future zine plans…

It was an awesome 7 days (well, not the heat wave, but the rest of it). I’ll post more photos and stories of the zine fests soon! And of course you’ll be able to read about all my zine adventures in more detail in the next Same Heartbeats zine (#16).

So all in all I’ve enjoyed this zine month, doing some fun and creative things and not really stressing about completing all the prompts. And I’ll just continue reading and making zines in August…

How was your IZM?

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