ZineWriMo 2019: day 1-3

List of ZineWriMo 2019 prompts by Sea Green Zines

Welcome to ZineWriMo 2019! ZineWriMo stands for “Zine Writing Month” and takes place every year in November. I wrote a bit about my plans here and I’m gonna try to keep track of my weekly progress on this blog.

Not so much was done over the past few days. On Sunday, I intended to go to a zine-making meeting organised by Engagement but felt ill, so I stayed at home. Instead I wrote some reviews of the zines I’ve read over the past two months. These should be finished and posted on this blog very soon!

I did make a bit of progress on the splitzine I’m working on with Kirsty – making lay-outs and editing texts – and I collected some ideas for mini-zines. I have so many mini-zine ideas! I keep an entire list in my “ideas notebook”.

Some almost finished pages for Same Heartbeats #16

Making mini-zines is very relaxing for me. I create them entirely by hand: hand-writing, drawing, and using washi tape, stickers, and collage materials to make it look interesting graphically. Sometimes they are well thought-through and planned out and sometimes they are made very spontaneously, or a combination of both. I enjoy experimenting with styles, lay-outs, and colours. So if you want to make one too, start with some mini-zine blanks as recommended in the prompts list and then go wild!

My plans for the coming weeks:

  • Finish writing those mini-reviews
  • Make at least one mini-zine
  • Continue working on my side of the split zine I’m making together with Kirsty
  • Reprint some zines that are almost out of print
  • Update my “zine travel kit”
  • Update my “ideas notebook”
  • Write letters and send snail mail
  • Blog about everything

Read more abut ZineWriMo on Sea Green Zines’ blog. There is also a ZineWriMo facebook group you can join.

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