Support the Archive of Youth Culture in Berlin!

The Archive of Youth Culture (or Archiv der Jugendkulturen) in Berlin needs your help! Because they need to move soon they are looking for financial support. They’ve set up a crowdfunding campaign that you can donate to.

This archive is my favourite place in Berlin (which says a lot because they are a lot of great places there) because it has an awesome collection of books about subcultures such as riot grrrl, punk, grunge, hiphop, and more, as well as lots of boxes full of zines. It is a very welcoming place with super friendly and enthusiastic staff where you can browse and do (DIY) research at ease. It’s so important for places like this to exist to be able to preserve youth culture and counter culture heritage which might otherwise get lost and forgotten. So if you can, support them AND visit them!

(Some photos of my visits)

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