ZineWriMo 2019: day 11-17

The third week of ZineWriMo (Zine Writing Month) started slow even though Monday was an official holiday = day off. Throughout the week I did work on Same Heartbeats #16, the splitzine issue (by the way, I made a splitzine before together with Artificial Womb, check it out!), and on Same Heartbeats #17. I also continued cutting, folding, and binding the zines I printed last week, all by hand!

Thursday’s prompt was “organise your zines / zine supplies” and for this occasion I’d like to show you my “snail mail station”. ūüôā It’s a little trolley / storage unit on castors (not sure what the best English word is) and it looks a bit messy and full at the moment… It keeps all of my envelopes, stationary, postal stamps, tape, and more.

And here are some photos of my own zines in their boxes:

“Write a review” was the prompt for Saturday but I had already posted a big bundle of mini-reviews recently so you can read those instead. This week Sea Green Zines reviewed my mini-zine Zinespiration as well as Kirsty’s zine The Common Cold (Kirsty is the zinester I’m making a splitzine with) which was a nice coincidence!

And finally, zine mail of the week comes from Sabrina from the US. She sent me some wonderful self-care-related mini-zines! ‚̧

What zine stuff did you do/make last week?

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